Sending Skype messages via webhooks


Sevabot webhooks is a way to send Skype messages from external services using HTTP GET and POST requests.

Because there is no “webhook” standard Sevabot supports different ways to parse HTTP message payloads

  • Signed and unsigned messages: shared secret MD5 signature prevents sending messages from hostile services
  • HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests
  • Service specific JSON payloads

To send a message to a chat you must first know to to the id of a group chat. Sevabot server HTTP interface has a page to show this list (see below).

Getting chat list

To send messages throught the bot you need to know

  • Skype chat id - we use MD5 encoded ids to conveniently pass them in URLs.
  • Sevabot shared secret in (only if your service supports MD5 signing, like your own custom shell script)

To get list of the chat ids visit in the Sevabot server hosted address:


It will return a HTTP page containing a list of Sevabot internal chat ids.

Sending a message over HTTP interface

One can send MD5 signed (safer) or unsigned messages (optional due to constrains in external services)

We provide

Timed messages

Use external clocking service like UNIX cron to send regular or timed messages to Sevabot Skype chat over HTTP webhooks interface.