Zapier webhook support

Introduction offers free mix-and-match different event sources to different triggers. The event sources includes popular services like Github, Dropbox, Salesforce, etc.

Zapier Web hooks (raw HTTP POSTs)

Zapier hook reads HTTP POST data variable payload to chat message as is. It is useful for other integrations as well.

  • You need to register your zap in

  • Sevabot offers support for Zapier web hook HTTP POST requests

  • Create a zap in Register. Add Webhooks URL with your bot info:
  • Go to sevabot web interface and get chat id from Skype

  • The followning Zapier settings must be used: Send as JSON: no

  • You need fill in HTTP POST fields message and chat_id

Example of Zapier Data field for Github issues:

message|New issue 〜 {{title}} 〜 by {{user__login}} - {{html_url}}

Testing Zapier hook

You can use curl to test the hook from your server, for firewall issues and such:

curl --data-binary "msg=Hello world" --data-binary "chat=YOURCHATID" http://localhost:5000/message_unsigned/


You need new enough curl version for –data-binary.