TeamCity webhook support


TeamCity <> is a popular continuous integration server from JetBrains.

TeamCity supports webhook notifications by using the tcWebHooks plugin:

Setting up a webhook

Install the plugin as directed in the link below

Then in TeamCity, for each project you want to send notifications for, under the ‘Web Hooks’ section, click ‘Edit Project Web Hooks’ then click on ‘+ Click to create new WebHook for this project’

Enter your sevabot unsigned message notification endpoint, for example:

Trailing slash is important.

The followning Web Hook Payload Format setting must be used: Name Value Pairs

Go to sevabot web interface and get chat id from Skype

On TeamCity server edit the ${HOME}/.BuildServer/config/{ProjectName}/plugin-settings.xml file and add the following after the closing tag of your webhook state tag i.e. </states>.

<parameters> <param name="chat_id" value="{SkypeChatID}" /> </parameters>

When a TeamCity build under this project completes, you should see the bot emit a message with the build status.