Community and development


How to participate to the spectacular future of Sevabot. You can make the life of Sevabot better - and yours too!


For chatting

/join #opensourcehacker @

Note: due to low activity of the channel prepare to idle there for 24 hours to wait for the answer.

Installing development version

All development happens in dev branch.

How to install and run the development version (trunk) of Sevabot:

git clone git://
cd sevabot
git checkout dev
curl -L -o
python venv # prefix with arch -i386  on OSX
source venv/bin/activate
python develop # prefix with arch -i386  on OSX


You might want to turn on DEBUG_HTTP setting to dump out incoming HTTP requests if you are testing / developing your own hooks.


All contributions must come with accompaning documentation updates.

All Python files must follow PEP-8 coding conventionas and be flake8 valid.

Submit pull request at Github.

For any changes update CHANGES.rst.